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IBM C9010-251 Power Systems Exam Questions

A customer will be using an S822L and PowerKVM. They want to know how they will attach a console to their machine over the network during installation. Which console solution should they use?
D. Virsh
Answer: D

Which S822 storage feature is required for Easy Tier?
A. Eight SFF-3 bays I six 1 .8-inch SSD bays with Du IOA
B. Twelve SFF-3 bays with split backplane (6+6) with second integrated SAS controller
C. EXP24S SAS HOD/SSD Expansion Drawer with dual IOA
D. Twelve SFF-3 bays with one integrated SAS controller
Answer: C

Which offering analyzes data-in-motion, delivers very high data rates, and exploits the bandwidth of POWER8?
A. IBM SPSS Statistics
B. IBM Informix
C. IBM Infosphere BigInsights
D. IBM Infosphere Streams
Answer: D

A customer hosts multiple partitions on a POWER7 750 server and want to replace it with an S824 Scale-out server.
The man concern is the high utilization of the 10Gbps Host Ethernet adapter ports. They want to maintain quality of service aid reduce CPU overhead while utilizing the minimum number of adapters.
Which of the following physics adapter options can be added to satisfy the customer¡¯s concern with the proposed architecture?
A. 10Gbps SR-IOV Ethernet adapter
B. 10Gbps Ethernet adapter to each partition
C. lntegrated 1whial Ethernet (IVE) 10Gbps Ethernet adapter
D. 10Gbps Ethernet adapter m the VIO Server
Answer: A

A customer wards to provide redundant links to their network ports to increase network bandwidth and availability.
This technique is referred to as:
A. VLAN tagging.
B. Network Interface Backup.
C. Link aggregation
D. Shared Ethernet Adapter.
Answer: C

A customer is willing to console severs servers running Oracle and DB2 databases from several departments on a single server, while keeping each department administratively separate, each within their own operating system. They are concerned about licensing after consolidation, because they are not willing to pay for Oracle licenses for the cores running DB2 and pay for DB2 licenses on cores running Oracle.What would be the best method to handle this situation, to make environment compliant and achieve the customer demands?
A. Create two Shared Processor Pools, one for Oracle and another for DB2, and consolidate the servers on distinct LPARs on the corresponding pool.
B. Create one capped LPAR per consolidated server, on each LPAR profile page on the HMC select the corresponding database type, and make sure DB Isolation option is checked.
C. Create one uncapped LPAR per consolidated server, monitor CPU usage and keep a spreadsheet up-to-data to account for the databases licenses used for compliance audits.
D. Create two capped LPARs, one for Oracle databases and other for DB2 databases, and make sure the LPARs have the right amount of cores assigned to them according to customer existing licenses.
Answer: A

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